Automated Feature Extraction From LiDAR

GeoSignum Pointer - Web Based LiDAR Data Processing Software

Unique Automated LiDAR data processing technology

Automated Mapping from LiDAR data

GeoSignum provides unique services and solutions in the LiDAR field. Please go to our pages to see how we can assist you…

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Geo-Analytics, Big Data processing and LiDAR

GeoSignum offers a wide range of services with considerable experience in 3D LiDAR, GIS and Modeling From 3D complex analyses to producing 3D city models,3D rail tracks, various railway and road assets at various levels of details using LiDAR datasets.

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GeoSignum Pointer Cloud Software

Web-based LiDAR data Processing Software. Access, Manage, Visualize and Extract information from massive size LiDAR data with a mouse click on your web-browser. Take a free trial!

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GeoSignum Pointer V2.0 

Experience the most advance online LiDAR data processing Engine

All you need is a web-browser

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Access to massive sized point cloud in the cloud

GeoSignum Pointer Web-platform allows you to access massive size of LiDAR datasets in a second only using your web-browser. GeoSignum uses new cutting edge techniques that speed up the entire data processing workflow of 3D laser scanning data using only a web-browser. There is no need for an additional software or plugins anymore.


Experience the full automatic feature extraction in the cloud

Extract features with just a mouse click with the proven GeoSignum pointer full automatic feature extraction technology: Trees, curbs,roads, crash barriers, poles, sound walls,cars, are just some of them. Since we are continuously improving our feature extraction technologies, we will be updating our platform periodically with new features. Our platform is also integrated a number of point cloud processing tools, so called 'Basic Tools'. With these Basic Tools' a lot of new features are added, including the automatic cleaning of noise, unwanted objects, reducing the number of points, classify your LiDAR data ground and non-ground points and more..

Managing massive sized point cloud in the cloud

With GeoSignum Pointer Web platform you can create and manage unlimited projects, with download and share functions!

2D and 3D Viewer

GeoSignum pointer web-platform consists of 2D and 3D engines. 2D viewer engine allows you to create unlimited layers for vector and raster datasets. You can also create and manipulate the layers as you wish. The 3D engine allows you to visualize, analyze and extract features from LiDAR datasets using only your browser. The extracted features will also be visible instantly in 3D viewer engine as well. Our viewer can render terrabytes of LiDAR data. 

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